October 19, 2016
woman with rheumatoid arthritis

Life Insurance with Rheumatoid Arthritis: What You Need to Know

More than 400,000 adults in the UK have Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with many more currently undiagnosed. RA is a disease that causes your immune system to […]
March 22, 2016
type 2 diabetes glucometer

Type 2 Diabetes – What You Need to Know

More and more people are developing Type 2 diabetes and each week a news story emerges with a new set of alarming statistics and further proof […]
January 27, 2016
diabetes online community

Introducing the Diabetes Online Community

What is the Diabetes Online Community? The Diabetes Online Community, or the DOC as it is more often known, is a group of people with Type […]
January 27, 2016
Epilepsy in Movies & Television

Epilepsy in Movies and Television

The portrayal of epilepsy in films and television has more often than not been an area of concern. Often the depiction of seizures and the condition […]
January 27, 2016
epilepsy etiquette dos and don'ts

Dos and Don’ts Epilepsy Guide

Epilepsy Etiquette Infographic There are around 456,000 people who have epilepsy in the UK and around 50 million worldwide. Given the number of people with epilepsy, […]
January 27, 2016
piano player epilepsy and music

Epilepsy and Music

Musicians with Epilepsy Having epilepsy does change things but it shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you want. It is important to remember you are a […]
January 18, 2016
Epilepsy and music guitarist

Music and Arthritis

Many musicians develop pain in one or more joints or tendons after years of playing their musical instruments. There is evidence to support the idea that...
January 15, 2016
best arthritis blogs uk

10 Best Arthritis Blogs

January 15, 2016
multiple sclerosis etiquette guide

Dos and Don’ts Multiple Sclerosis Guide

Despite efforts to spread awareness and educate people about Multiple Sclerosis, there is still an unacceptable amount of misunderstanding, misinformation and...