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At Your Life Protected we specialise in obtaining Life Insurance cover for people with past or present medical conditions. We pride ourselves on giving a friendly, professional service with no high-pressure sales techniques. Because we are specialists in this market, we will be able to secure great rates in the quickest time possible.

Your Life Protected is an independent brokerage which specialises in securing Life Insurance cover for people who have pre-existing medical conditions. We deal with all of the major insurance companies in the UK as well as a number of specialist organisations.

With years’ of experience dealing with a variety of medical conditions, we will be able to quickly assess your situation and identify which life insurance provider will be most sympathetic to your situation. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge about this specific area of the  insurance market and the associated underwriting procedures.

We are able to assess a specific medical history very quickly and give a view of the best and worst case scenario for the cover being sought. Please contact our team of experts if you would like to discuss a new life insurance policy or review an existing plan. Our team don't use high-pressure sales techniques and will be happy to review your requirements with absolutely no obligation.

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  • pexels-photo-64776Having been diagnosed with a genetic heart condition, I contacted Mike who was able to deliver the cover I needed. Mike delivers a fantastic service which I would always recommend to anyone struggling to secure cover.
    Martin - Nottingham
  • pexels-photo-121848Dealing with Your Life Protected was so easy from start to finish. I was really concerned about being able to get cover, given how I’d been refused in the past because of my high BMI. To be honest, I just thought I’d try so I could say I’d tried. Straight away, I felt like the company would do their very best for me and my partner. Mike talked me through every step and chased up the process to make sure everything kept moving along. It was the best feeling when he told me he’d found a company who would cover me, and at a really good price too. I now have total peace of mind through my Life Insurance, and the process was really easy.
    Megan - Lydney
  • spring-tree-flowers-meadow-60006I happened upon the Your Life Protected website following 6 months of run around with one of the big insurance companies - trying to find life cover for my obese son with several other medical issues. The service received has been excellent and I would happily recommend the company to anyone searching for this type of specialist cover.
    Yvonne - Dudley
  • testimonial_imageI wanted to write to thank you so much for all of your help, time and hard work with organising Life Insurance for me. I have been diagnosed with Lupus so have been unable to get Life Insurance previously, even when I have had brokers helping me. I had pretty much given up hope until I stumbled across your company online. Not only did you find a company who were willing to insure me, you also found a policy which was very reasonable. I would highly recommend your company to others.
    Nicola - Somerset
  • testimonial_imageI contacted Your Life Protected initially to look into Life Insurance due to my size. From the word go, Mike was helpful, patient and extremely diligent whilst maintaining an extremely professional air of responsibility towards my requirements. He always kept in touch, advising and coercing both me and the outside parties that we were waiting for constantly. I always knew where I was in the process and cannot recommend the service and professionalism highly enough to do it justice.
    Simon - Leicester
  • testimonialAs an insulin-dependent type 1 diabetic in the process of buying my first house, I came to Your Life Protected looking to find a more competitive life insurance policy to cover my mortgage. The team found me a brilliant deal - not only bettering my previous best quote, but bringing it down by over 50%. Now I am paying almost £15.00-per-month less than what I would have with the other insurer, which will save me around £170 per year!
    Paul - Woolwich
  • testimonialThe service I received from 'Your life protected' was excellent. I have T1 Prostate Cancer and they were able to find life insurance at a very good price. I was impressed with the relatively short time it took to get the policy implemented. They analysed my situation and came up with the correct policy for my needs. They identified an underwriter who would provide cover at an early stage so there was no indecision or postponement of a decision.
    Bob - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • pexels-photo-311398After suffering from a major health scare in 2006, I found it extremely difficult to get mortgage cover at a reasonable price (quoted from £80-£120pm). I contacted Mike and his team at Your Life Protected who endeavoured to find me the cover I needed at a decent price. Mike true to his word, got me the policy I needed at a more than affordable price.
    Jason - South Shields
  • health condition resourcesI felt I needed to write a big thank you to Your Life Protected, but especially to Mike Derham who was absolutely brilliant in finding me life cover. I have a heart condition and have really struggled to find any company to insure me and after a year of searching, many 'nearlys' and totally exhausted of trying - I was on the verge of giving up. I thought I would give it one last go and I'm so glad I did. I have a really good policy with £25,000 of cover for less than £13 per month. I am thrilled.
    Helen - Falmouth
  • womans face life insurance testimonialI tracked Your Life Protected down through local Life Insurance companies in Bristol and after reading some of the existing reviews I thought I would give them a go. I have to say that I agree with the comments already posted online. Very helpful company who explained all of the products to me in detail and helped me get the best product for my needs. Thanks again.
    Joan - Bristol
October 19, 2016
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